Spiked running shoes and collected short stories

Spiked Cover  Spiked Running Shoes 2014

This is my 35th book, “Collected Short Stories”, published before concluding 2014.

Altogether 11 stories are selected: 1/ Affection with land, water, mountains and forests (ေရေျမေတာင္ေတာ သံေယာဇဥ္) 2/ Lotus, Fire, Triangle ျကာပန္း၊ မီးလွ်ံ၊ တရိဂံ) 3/ A Withered Leaf of an Old Dream (အိပ္မက္ေဟာင္း၏ သစ္ရြက္ႏြမ္း) 4/ Peach Blossoms (မက္မြန္ပြင့္မ်ား) 5/ Black and White 69 (အျဖ ူ အမည္း ၆၉) 6/ Praying Rose (ဆုေတာင္း ႏွင္းဆီ) 7/ Spiked Running Shoes (သံဆူးဖိနပ္) 8/ Jungle of Magical Illusions (ေမွာ္ရံုေတာ) 9/ Warmly Impelled Flow (ပူေႏြးစြာ တိုးေ၀ွ ့စီးဆင္း) 10/ Bird (ငွက္) 11/ Sharp Claws of the River (ျမစ္၏ လက္သည္းခြ်န္)

These are some of the yields through my 4 decades long writing career.


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